Hello from Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire.


Home, a four letter word that can conjure up emotion, stir up memories and, in some cases, be a source of violent disagreement.

For some it’s a distant dream, whether lost or still to be found. For some it’s a place, for others a person. Sometimes it’s an anchor, sometimes it’s a millstone around the neck.


I’ve always been lucky in that, to revert to a cliche, home has always been wherever I lay my head. Currently, that happens to be on the edge of the beautiful Peak District national park. I spent my teenage years here, my parents still live here and it will always be the place I come back to whenever I feel a little lost.



Photographs: Toddbrook Reservoir, High Noon in Whaley Bridge, Sunset over Castleton, Path to the River Derwent (Cromford) – all taken by myself.