Music & Me


Music has been a part of my life since as long as I can remember, there’s a story my mum tells of how I used to sing everything rather than talk (I must have been an intensely annoying child at times).

In the last few years however, this has fallen by the wayside, the pressure of living a ‘normal’ life and working hard on the career I had, rather than the career I wanted seemed to drain the inspiration from me and what once was as natural as breathing seemed lost.


Recently, however, a combination of a wonderful new friend and lack of pressure to be anything other than myself has resulted in my urge to create music coming back with a vengence and once again I’m singing, writing and playing. I may be a little rusty but it’s there.

At some point, hopefully soon, I’ll share some of my compositions with you, but for now here’s Lang Lang playing Rhapsody in Blue, my favourite ever piece:



Hello from Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire.


Home, a four letter word that can conjure up emotion, stir up memories and, in some cases, be a source of violent disagreement.

For some it’s a distant dream, whether lost or still to be found. For some it’s a place, for others a person. Sometimes it’s an anchor, sometimes it’s a millstone around the neck.


I’ve always been lucky in that, to revert to a cliche, home has always been wherever I lay my head. Currently, that happens to be on the edge of the beautiful Peak District national park. I spent my teenage years here, my parents still live here and it will always be the place I come back to whenever I feel a little lost.



Photographs: Toddbrook Reservoir, High Noon in Whaley Bridge, Sunset over Castleton, Path to the River Derwent (Cromford) – all taken by myself.